Innovation as a guarantee for your business continuity

Jairo A. Guzmán Yermanos

Jairo A. Guzmán Yermanos

Progressively, and in a very controlled way, we are beginning to sail the digital now waters immersed into the normalcy that Covid-19 is leaving behind.  Due to the impact of the virus over the world economy, it is necessary to talk about continuity business plans, and altogether, set a discussion around innovation.  These are times where the contingency made clear, no matter the type of business or economic sector, in addition to the need of a robust digital transformation, a need for being ready to rethink the models that rule business.

Because not all companies are able to set clear horizons in the midst of uncertainty, and for many it is easy to forget a very important factor that our new normalcy demands:  models from the past must be revised, it is important to continuously reinvent yourself and to innovate is crucial in this Digital Now.

Table of Content

  • Let´s check the term Business Continuity Plan or BCP
  • How to innovate for survival
  • Some innovation strategies that you may implement
  • This is how we, at InterNexa support your BCP

Let´s check the term Business Continuity Plan or BCP

Let´s see this plan as the right betting for your company´s continuity, mainly because thanks to this plan, no matter the situations or incidents that may arise, your business will be able to continue with the operations exactly from the point before this this contingency stated to develop, even regardless current the uncertainty level in the market.  This allows you to guarantee the productivity and quality of your services, along with your brand reputation.

In this plan, you will find diverse documents, among them:  business impact analysis, risk analysis, business continuity strategies, crisis plan for environment recovery, and test plan.  In fact, we have created a little guide which will help you to begin with the construction of your BCP. 

However, your business continuity not only depends on administrative decisions or infrastructure upgrades, but it also requires innovation.

How to innovate for survival

From your continuity plan you ought to ensure:

  • Identification your business trendiness
  • Analysis of your business indictors and environment
  • Detect the risks and motivations of any change in your commercial activity.
  • Availability of your services or products in the market.
  • seasonality and cycles of your market. Guarantee the presence in changing market.

To achieve this it is important that you generate and encourage a digital culture inside your organization, which will help you, by using technological tools, to do an easier monitoring of both, your business and the environment, and also start experimenting with some technological innovations that may help you to improve the positioning your business has before the market TODAY, depending on the type of organization you run, for example:

Retail Sector

  • Mixed reality
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • IoT

Companies with transaction platforms

  • Use of bots
  • Big Data
  • Cognitive technology, deep learning and machine learning

100% digital companies:

  • DevOPS culture
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Serverless or FaaS architecture

Any type of companies:

  • Edge computing
  • Blockchain
  • IoT

Some innovation strategies that you may implement

These strategies may support your business continuity plan because they meet its main rule:  Periodic revision.

  • Strategic surveillance
  • Ideation groups
  • Use of digital tools
  • Search for partners
  • Active participation in sector events

This is how we, at InterNexa support your BCP

Thinking in your organization needs and based on the information integrity, reliability and safety of your company, we have built a cluster that may allow you to provide continuity to your business, like this:

  1. We connect our data centers in Colombia and Peru so you can generate a recovery of your information, no matter where you are, in addition, this provides us with the possibility to offer to all our customers a geographical diversity service of the information.
  2. In both countries, the location of our servers inside our Data Center combined with the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) through our Thunder cloud, allows any organization to generate an information replication scheme that meets your business needs.
  3. Also, the collaborative tools that guarantees that our customer´s users may work remotely and safely, before contingencies as the one we are experiencing now.
  4. Our SDWAN service allows us to create managed connections for our collaborators who are out of our facilities and improve safety conditions.
  5. Our Business IoT B-IoT solutions allow the companies to integrate variable measures with analytics to have a real time information and so, take better decisions about their productive assets.
  6. We work together with our customers, from the technological strand, in the design and implementation of their disaster recovery plans, so their business goes on, no matter the circumstances that may affect them.

In few words, you can be sure that at InterNexa you have the best ally to keep all your business data available, giving completeness to both, your environment recovery and maintenance plans, by guaranteeing that your company key information systems can be retrieved in the shortest possible time after any kind of contingency, and so, your collaborators may be able to work from any location as if they were physically in their workplace.

If you need a consultancy or you are interested in knowing more about the tools immersed in our portfolio you may contact us through our web page or social media.

Do not forget that the digital now demands innovative minds.



Jairo A. Guzmán Yermanos

Jairo A. Guzmán Yermanos

Electronic Engineer with more than 20 years of experience, specialized in negotiation and Marketing Management, with experience in sales and marketing management in the telecommunications sector. With skills for product structuring, team building, strategic relationships, and negotiation.