Keep your data and row material safe with IoT

Juan Arley Gómez Arboleda

Juan Arley Gómez Arboleda

Entrepreneurs behind the market´s leader brands are characterized by being curious and try, without fearing of failure, different methods that lead them to live a steady transformation.

There are many theories about the reasons why a company is successful, and they are linked to different internal and external processes. However, there is something in which all of them agree without any exception and this is:  to guarantee  their business continuity they must always ensure to monitor, control and protect their most valuable assets.

Depending on each business activities and industry, their most valuable assets might range from information, places, machinery, software, food, animals, or fabrics to vehicles.   And keeping those assets in perfect conditions for the optimal functioning of their services and/or products are the responsibility of every company.

Following this protective instinct, keeping those row materials, goods or equipment in proper places for their storage and/or functioning has become a tendency these days. Nonetheless, in several occasions this place differs from the office or site where the collaborators work at.

Because the aforementioned reason, in recent years entrepreneurs have in more numbers, turned to the acquisitions of warehouses, refrigerated cellars, Data Centers and other spaces designed for the protection and operation of the different elements required by their business.

In the case of information security, industries such as telecommunications, finance, govern, e-commerce, among others, have made that Datacenters become very popular, and the demand for them is expected to increase exponentially in the years to come.  According to MarketWatch, by 2023 the worldwide market of datacenters will reach an amount of US$174,000 million and Colombia will play an important role in those numbers.

All those places designed for hosting equipment or storing products and attaining  to keep those products preserved and with an optimal functioning so they can be commercialized, require that the monitoring and controlling of some variables such as ventilation, temperature, humidity, gases, fire detection, movement, door opening and flooding, electric and electromechanics infrastructure such as power generators, battery banks , fuel levels, among others, be made by whether on-site permanent personnel or personnel who have to move with certain periodicity.

In the current context, constantly making these due inspections implies a risk for the personnel in charge, because leaving home will expose them to contagion or fines. This also means a misuse of resources such as time and money, which could be invested in other works that exploit of those collaborators’ human talents instead.

On the other hand, not making those controls properly might expose the company to a massive loss of certain goods, or even to generate a service disruption which is the case for datacenters.

At InterNexa we merge elements such as IoT, analytics and artificial intelligence, among others, to get a digital picture from those places, so the collaborators be able to remotely and in a centralized manner, monitor, analyze, and even predict the condition and behavior of all necessary variables, so their assets be kept in good condition and with their lifespan preserved, and the products or equipment hosted therein, while optimizing their operational and maintenance costs

This type of services may be adapted to any sector and in accordance with each company necessity, this is because an analysis to identify the best way of implementing them is done, thus adding the necessary value for the business. For instance, for medical sector it is possible to monitor variables such as temperature and humidity, which in areas for intensive care and for medicine storage this becomes something extremely important.

Another big benefit from this innovation is that it helps to identify economic efficiencies in the operation of these spaces. For example, if the outside weather keeps your row material in good condition, you will not need cooling or heating at certain times of the day. this is just an example from thousand factors that might affect your resources without noticing it, but by using this tool you will be able to remotely see the complete picture of a place.

The correct use of technological tools  in a company allows an optimal and successful functioning, this is why this busines solution will represent a significant help, where in addition to keep your personnel safe at home, expenses will be reduced too, and you might take right decisions all the time, and by doing so, you will be more profitable and efficient than your competitors.




Juan Arley Gómez Arboleda

Juan Arley Gómez Arboleda

Systems engineer with a master's degree in information technology management, with 15 years of extensive work experience in large companies in the public and private sectors, with experience in planning, management and leadership of teams and projects that range from the definition of leveraged technological strategies in the needs and goals of the business to the development of information systems and the design and implementation of technological platforms.