InterNexa explains the benefits of data centers for small and medium-sized companies

Jorge Gómez, Product Manager for Cloud and Datacenter, explains the benefits that companies obtain by making use of data centers.

According to data from the Internal Revenue Service (SII), 98% of the country's companies are micro, small and medium enterprises. Considering these figures, Jorge Gómez, Product Manager of Cloud and Datacenter at InterNexa, said that ""the progress of digital transformation in this segment of companies is extremely important for the country due to its economic impact. They are the ones who must be the pioneers of this change, and digital solutions are an accelerator available to them.

InvestChile announced that in 2021, the Global Services and Technology portfolio closed with an investment of US$5,571 for all its projects. This is partly due to the fact that Chile has positioned itself as a technology hub in the region, driven in large part by the construction of data centers in Chile.

According to GlobalData, this category is expected to grow by 11.35% in the country by 2022. In fact, Chile leads the growth forecasts for this market in Latin America through 2025.


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Jun 9 2023